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Webinar Series on Stakeholder Engagement: Module 1 - An Introduction to Stakeholder Engagement in the 2030 Agenda

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Stakeholder engagement is at the very heart of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In
order for the SDGs to truly be successful, governments must work with diverse sectors of society to
ensure that all stakeholders are included in the process of implementing, monitoring, and reviewing
policies related to sustainable development. UNESCAP, in partnership with IAP2, has been working
to help build the capacity of governments in the Asia-Pacific region so they can engage key national
stakeholders towards the successful realization of the 2030 Agenda in their respective countries.
As part of these efforts, a series of webinars will be produced as to provide further technical support to
governments, stakeholders, and others in the region. Each webinar will help increase knowledge of
participation and ensure a better understanding of the mechanisms and means of meaningful
engagement. The series will be divided into several modules, each 60 minutes long. The modules
themselves will cover a variety of themes and the first will be An Introduction to Stakeholder
Engagement in the 2030 Agenda​.

The themes of the modules will touch on key aspects of stakeholder engagement as it relates to the
2030 Agenda and general participation in policy and decision making.

All modules will be recorded using the online platform on which they are presented, and stored on the
SDG Help Desk​ and other places for future reference.
Each module will include its own registration form and will be shared in time.

How to Register

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