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Online Certificate Course - Project Information Management Systems for Development Organizations and NGOs

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The goal of information management is to ensure that the right information reaches the right stakeholders at the right time. Project stakeholders, donors, partners, and beneficiaries depend on good and timely information to make good decisions.

You will gain a strong working knowledge of the concepts of project information management systems and be able to immediately use that knowledge to effectively manage the information in your project. Participants will receive a free copy of the textbook PIMS.

Course Audience

This course is designed for all people that want to improve the way information is managed in their projects, including professionals wishing to upgrade their skills and knowledge, team members, supervisors of project managers and students of project management. Participants to our courses come from various parts of the world, a medium level of reading and writing English is recommended.

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Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the Project Information Management Online course participants will: Understand the information management processes and information lifecycle, know the steps required to plan and manage project information and develop an effective project information management plan.

Course Content:

Module 1

  • Lesson 1 Introduction to PIMS
  • What is PIMS?
  • The problem with information management
  • Systematize before you automate
  • Logical framework and PIMS
  • Definitions of data, information, and knowledge
  • Lesson 2 Information Environment
  • Information Environment
  • Information Dimensions
  • Information Standards
  • Information Architecture

Module 2

  1. Lesson 3 Components of a PIMS
  2. Core Modules
  3. Team information
  4. Beneficiaries
  5. Project Results
  6. Lesson 4 Information Life Cycle
  7. Life Cycle of PIMS
  8. Information Needs
  9. Collecting Information
  10. Sharing Information
  11. Evaluating the PIMS

Module 3

  • Lesson 5 Developing the PIMS
  • The SDCL
  • System requirements
  • Design of the solution
  • Development and testing
  • User Training
  • Deploying the PIMS
  • Lesson 6 Management of PMIS
  • Managing the information system
  • Information management plan
  • Information requirements
  • Information access
  • Internal controls and quality
  • Evaluating the PIMS

Course Requirements

There are no requirements to take this course, although the students will benefit if they know the type of work that occurs in development organizations and development projects, or had some experience working on a project. Students should have a good internet connection, Adobe Reader in their computers as well as MS Office to work on the course assignments. Good connectivity is required to watch some of the online videos. As a convenience to our remote students, you can download most of the course material to read offline. A copy of the textbook will be available in pdf format.

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Fee information

The course fee is $150, Students that successfully complete all course requirements will receive, via US Mail, a printed and signed Certificate of Completion. This course is part of the certification program CDPM (Certified Development Project Manager). For more information about this program please visit our website at:

How to Register

The course fee is due before the start of the course, you can receive a 20% discount if payment is made one week before the course starts. Use the code 20PIMS to obtain the discount. We offer additional discounts for groups from development organizations. We will close the registration one day before the start of the course. Visit this link to register online:

For other types of payment and if you have any questions you can contact me at the following address:

Ana Torrelio
Student Services
Atlanta, USA