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Emergency Communications: Principles and Practices

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When an emergent threat is identified, and when a crisis situation is ongoing, or incident has happened, the ability to communicate quickly and accurately with the right people is fundamentally important. All of the following are reliant on it: mobilizing people, plans and resources to advanced states of readiness so that, if the situation deteriorates individuals and organizations are on the front foot, and able to react swiftly; activating help and directing it to people and places in need; sharing information to internal and external stakeholders who may be affected; accurately accounting for the location and status of people; and ensuring command and control over incident response and management in what may be fast-paced, highly stressful conditions. Emergency communications must be carefully planned and resourced. Failure to do this will put people in danger, and expose organizations to reputational harm, charges of liability and negligence, and put facilities, assets and operations at avoidable risk. This module will help organizations build an effective approach to emergency communications, including verbal and written reporting formats, and which are underpinned by the principles of all communication being accurate, timely, factual, concise, contextualized, complete and controlled. HR PHR Credits (Functional Area 6): This course supports Human Resource professionals in developing and then testing effective business continuity policies, plans and protocols (as well as disaster and recovery plans and organizational incident and emergency response plans), and communicating and training the workforce on safety, security and crisis management standards. It demonstrates sound resiliency, empowering organizational incident and emergency response measures and associated plans. This training also develops leadership concepts and applications, and protects the organization from loss and liability. PLEASE REMEMBER - Some modules offer language subtitles. Click the 'CC' button on the video player controls to select your language. WEAK INTERNET – If you have limited bandwidth, please ensure you select the lowest quality setting under the gear icon in the video player controls.

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