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Political Risk Management and Business Continuity Management

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Political risks present unique and potentially highly impactful organizational risks to many organizations, whether at home or when operating internationally. Political risks can impact a business license, the ability to operate, move funds, compete on work, or result in disrupting stress and tension being placed upon the organization. In some instances key staff may be arrested, detained, or made persona non grata. It is important for leadership teams, at all levels, to understand the risks presented by hostile governments, the implications if negative agency attention results, and how to best prepare for and prevent, respond to, manage, and then transition and recover from such threats. This course provides the knowledge of what risks and impacts may be present, and the methods by which to reduce these risks, or respond to and control them if they occur. This course brings together key stakeholders for an integrated organizational approach to risk management. HR PHR Credits (Functional Area 6): This course supports Human Resource professionals in developing and then testing effective business continuity policies, plans and protocols (as well as disaster and recovery plans and organizational incident and emergency response plans). It demonstrates sound resiliency, empowering organizational incident and emergency response measures and associated plans. This training also develops leadership concepts and applications, and protects the organization from loss and liability. PLEASE REMEMBER - Some modules offer language subtitles. Click the 'CC' button on the video player controls to select your language. WEAK INTERNET – If you have limited bandwidth, please ensure you select the lowest quality setting under the gear icon in the video player controls.

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