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Civil Disturbances Business Continuity Management

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Civil disorder events can occur through predictable rising tensions and known calendar periods of heightened risk, or they may result from sudden and unforeseen escalations of violence. Regardless, there is typically some form of warning indicator that civil disorder events may occur and leadership teams who understand the potential risks, and the methods by which to effectively prepare and prevent, respond, manage and then transition and recover from such events will be better placed to protect their people and the wider interests of their organization. Leadership teams should establish defined systems for mapping and evaluating risk, and preparing for upcoming rallies and demonstrations, as well as other events which could result in civil disturbances or outbreaks of violence. This course looks at the risks and impacts associated with civil disorder events, and the contingency planning measures and resourcing requirements needed to enable business continuity or recovery of occur. This training brings together management teams into a unified and mutually support approach to business continuity management. HR PHR Credits (Functional Area 6): This course supports Human Resource professionals in developing and then testing effective business continuity policies, plans and protocols (as well as disaster and recovery plans and organizational incident and emergency response plans), and communicating and training the workforce on safety, security and crisis management standards. It demonstrates sound resiliency, empowering organizational incident and emergency response measures and associated plans. This training also develops leadership concepts and applications, and protects the organization from loss and liability. PLEASE REMEMBER - Some modules offer language subtitles. Click the 'CC' button on the video player controls to select your language. WEAK INTERNET – If you have limited bandwidth, please ensure you select the lowest quality setting under the gear icon in the video player controls.

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