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Beyond methods: unpacking evaluation challenges

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Beyond methods: unpacking evaluation challenges

Public event

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Anne Buffardi - Research Fellow, ODI


Simon Hearn – Research Fellow, ODI
Anna Henttinen – Head of Profession Evaluation, DFID
Mikkel Nedergaard – Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor, Danish Refugee Council


Rick Davies- Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant


Development and humanitarian aid often involve working in complicated and complex environments, addressing entrenched economic or social issues and involving multiple groups and interests. But too often, evaluations fail to take this into account. Much of the debate around evaluation, particularly in the last decade, starts and stops with which methods are best to collect and analyse data.

We need to start addressing difficult questions about the political and working challenges to doing evaluation.

How do organisations decide what - and what not - to evaluate? How do we reconcile inevitable trade-offs between measuring short and long term change? How do we maintain support for evaluation and ensure that it’s used for learning and improvement?

As part of the international year of evaluation, join our experienced panel to explore these challenges and practical options for donors, evaluators and practitioners working in difficult development and humanitarian aid settings.

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