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Migration crisis in the Mediterranean

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An ongoing global displacement crisis has increased deaths in the Mediterranean. These continued and predicted tragedies at sea constitute a grave indictment of current EU approach to migration focused on security and border controls rather than on ensuring the safety of people arriving on its shores.
CONCORD calls for an urgent review of European policies.

Key Recommendations to the EU and its Member States:

• open immediate humanitarian migration channels to enable refugees, asylum seekers and those in need of protection to seek safe and legal refuge

• open immediate legal, safe channels of migration to ensure that people migrate without risking their lives, and allow beneficiaries to join family members, relatives and friends already residing in EU countries different from those of arrival

• share across Europe, including non-EU countries the reception and resettlement of migrants in a way that respects human dignity and the specific needs of vulnerable groups, including unaccompanied minors

• the EU to take immediate measures to deploy serious rescue operation in the Mediterranean to save lives of the expected upcoming boat flux

• increasing investment in inclusive development, decent work and social protection in countries of origin so migration is an option and not a necessity.