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CWS emergency appeal: Tonga/Hurricane Waka

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EMERGENCY APPEAL: Tonga/Hurricane Waka

#6513 for $20,000

March 4, 2002

SITUATION: Cyclone Waka in December 2001 caused extensive damage to the islands of Vava'u and Niuafo'ou (Tongo). The storm inflicted massive damage to residential houses, community halls, church buildings and commercial buildings both in Vava'u and Niuafo'ou. Particularly hard-hit were widows, the elderly and those with little income living in old and poorly constructed dwellings.

RESPONSE: The Tonga National Council of Churches (TNCC) -- an ecumenical agency made up of four churches, the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga, the Diocese of Catholic Churches of Tonga, the Anglican Church of Tonga and the Free Constitutional Church of Tonga -- is focusing its reconstruction work on a limited construction program.

This program will be to "hurricane-proof" 30 houses belonging to the most vulnerable and poor whose homes were destroyed by the hurricane and also build cement water tanks. The program will target 30 of the most vulnerable families -- approximately 180 persons -- whose dwellings were completely destroyed. This program is expected to run from March to June 2002.

The budget for this project includes $213,504 of direct assistance for the reconstruction project.

CWS is supporting this appeal by seeking $20,000 in denominational assistance.

For more specific information, including budget information, contact CWS ERP. Or go to the Action by Churches Together (ACT) International web site: www.act-intl.org

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