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Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism (MRM) on Grave Violations Against Children in situations of Armed Conflict - Field Manual

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The information contained in the manual is meant to guide the United Nations and its partners to implement a mechanism to monitor, report and respond to grave violations against children in line with Security Council Resolutions 1612,1882, 1998, 2028 and 2143; and in particular to assist persons at the technical level to establish an effective application of the MRM.
This information should be read in conjunction with Part One of this document, the Guidelines on the Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism o n Grave Violations against Children and Armed Conflict under Security Council Resolutions 1612, 1882, 1998, 2068 and 2143.
The sections in the Field Manual cover the basic elements for implementing the MRM. The annexes provide additional or detailed information and some specific examples that may be used or adapted for country-specific needs.