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K1m relief support for Usino-Bundi

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Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, CMG MP, today ensured the people of Usino-Bundi that K1 million for relief for the flood-hit areas was already given to Madang Province including Usino-Bundi.

This funding was from the recently approved allocation of K10 million by the National Executive Council (NEC) for the areas devastated by the recent natural disasters nationwide.

PM O’Neill was in the Usino-Bundi District this morning to have a first-hand inspection of the devastation caused by the recent flooding in the area.

He walked through the flooded area, where the Omeai Bridge once stood, linking the Madang-Lae Highway. “This one million kina government funding is entirely for relief purposes, which includes fresh drinking water, food and roofing iron and other recovery purposes. It must not be taken or seen as form of compensation. “Recently, many other provinces have been facing similar natural disasters such as flooding, continuous heavy rainfall, resulting in bridges, houses and villages being destroyed as well as lives being taken; therefore the government has allocated funding for relief especially for those provinces and districts affected,” PM O’Neill said.

Flooding in the Usino-Bundi area has been ongoing for the past two weeks and has consequently damaged four bridges and few power pylons so far.

The four bridges include the Dumpu, Asas, Kesawai and the Omeai Bridges, severing the the national highway altogether.

PM O’Neill visited the Omeai Village after carrying out an aerial inspection of the total damages caused by the continuous rains and flooding, and assured the people that the Government would continue to assist them He further assured the people that this government had not forgotten them and that the Provincial Works Department would commence maintenance work immediately to resolve these problems temporarily whilst the national government looked at better longterm solutions.

“These kinds of natural destruction has affected many other provinces, hence the government has allocated K10 million to assist in relief efforts for the 12 other affected provinces,” PM O’Neill said.

Fortunately, no lives have been taken by the natural catastrophes in the district.