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Ethiopia ‑ Complex Emergency Fact Sheet #2, Fiscal Year (FY) 2015

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  • February–May seasonal rainfall may be below average, causing households in Afar, Oromiya, and Somali regions to continue experiencing Crisis—IPC 3—levels of food insecurity through June*

  • The Government of Ethiopia (GoE) Humanitarian Requirements Document (HRD) 2015 appeals for $344.9 million to fund relief operations during 2015


  • The GoE released its annual humanitarian appeal on March 6. The HRD 2015 outlines more than $386 million in sector-specific humanitarian needs for 2015, as determined by the GoE, UN, and non-governmental organizations. The assessment determined that up to 2.9 million people countrywide will require humanitarian assistance in 2015—a 7 percent increase from the HRD 2014 estimate due to failed belg rains during 2014. In addition, nearly 380,000 people may require assistance during the February–June belg rainy season, which to date has not started in most areas. The GoE has $41 million available in carry-over funds from 2014, which brings the net funding request to $345 million. Approximately $277 million—nearly 80 percent of the funding request—is allocated for emergency food assistance, including targeted supplementary feeding rations.