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Build Custom Visual Reports Using NGO Aid Map's New Data Analysis Tool

Aid effectiveness and transparency are driven by open, accessible, and easy to use data. InterAction's NGO Aid Map now has a simple report mechanism that allows individuals to better explore and share data from over 9,500 NGO projects in the NGO Aid Map database.

NGO Aid Map aims to increase the amount of publicly available data on international development and humanitarian response. With the report tool, users can now take that data from past and current projects worldwide and create specific, visual reports in a matter of minutes.

So how does it work? Users select the organization(s), country(ies), sector(s), donor(s), and date range that they would like to focus on. The system then pulls up all relevant data from completed and ongoing projects listed within NGO Aid Map's database and displays the information through a variety of comprehensive lists and graphs. Once created, users can save their unique report as a PDF for convenient sharing and printing.

"With NGO Aid Map, we work to support smarter decisions through data analysis. By creating this report mechanism, we are making that data analysis simpler and more accessible. Users can take a deeper dive into NGO project data and we hope they find it easy and visually appealing,” said acting President and CEO Lindsay Coates.

The push for open and accessible data is grounded in the belief that more information leads to more effective and sustainable work. Knowing more about past and active projects across the globe means improved coordination and better identifying of gaps in programming

NGO Aid Map is designed to make that high-quality information easy to find and analyze – a mission that is accomplished by working with partners that also see the value in open data.

“What’s really exciting is the prospect of making this available, and encouraging the private sector to use it, private philanthropy to use it,” said Tony Pipa, the international policy advisor to the administrator at USAID, in regards to NGO Aid Map. “We, along with the NGO community, can develop the types of partnerships that really take advantage of all of our unique abilities, and leverage that to the greatest extent possible so that we get the best results on the ground.”

Visit NGO Aid Map to learn more about the new report tool.