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Central African Republic (CAR) Situation Report N.42 (as of 20 November 2014)

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  • The security situation countrywide remains volatile. Ex-Seleka elements living in Bangui’s Beal camp threaten to detonate the site if their demands are not met.

  • An eruption of violence started on 5 November in Zémio, Haut Mbomou Province, an area affected by the LRA, but that had not been impacted by the crisis so far.

  • Fourteen cholera cases have been confirmed following a cholera outbreak on 1 November along the CAR-Cameroon border.

  • WHO reported six measles cases in Yongoro-Mbolaye, Bouar sub-province, in Nana Mambéré Province.

  • Humanitarian partners resumed activities in Ouham Province following the arrival of armed groups and the displacement of 20,000 people.

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