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Houses to be allocated to 1,757 families from Thursday to Saturday

Govt. Venezuela
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Caracas, 13 Nov. AVN.- The keys of 1,757 new homes built through Great Housing Mission Venezuela are going to be allocated in the Capital District and other eight states of the country between Thursday and Saturday.

Allocations are going to be carried out among the same number of families.

In Caracas, 68 new homes will be allocated; the rest in states: Amazonas (40), Monagas (345), Lara (91), Aragua (263), Miranda (722), Zulia (110), Anzoategui (104) and Cojedes (14). These houses were built through different modes implemented through the mission, with a leading role from communities.

Housing Mission is a social program created since April 2011 to meet a housing deficit in the country, as well as to meet the needs of families who lost their homes due to relentless rains in late 2010 and early 2011.

The target is to build three million homes by the year 2019, so as to meet a historic debt of houses in the country.

Last Wednesday, minister of ecosocialism, housing and habitat Ricardo Molina emphasized that 642,000 houses had been built since the social program was created and other 217,000 are under construction.

"About Housing Mission, we may say that we completed 642,000 homes. There are 217,000 under construction and we are beginning new houses. We should have started over 350,000 homes by December 31 (2014)," Molina said in that opportunity.

Only in Venezuela's capital city, a total 31,732 houses have been completed and other 12,454 are under construction nowadays.

AVN 13/11/2014 12:21