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The destructive potential of disasters to human life and property is known to all. However, what is not known is the detrimental impact that disasters have on the heritage of the areas they strike. Heritage monuments and structures are repositories of centuries of history, culture and tradition and are therefore an integral part of the identity of an area and its inhabitants. However, the damage and destruction of such heritage sites due to disasters often goes unnoticed and is not properly addressed.
This issue of focuses upon the important theme of the ‘Need for DRR Sensitive Heritage Conservation in the Himalayas’. The Himalayan states of India are home to a lot of heritage sites and structures, which include palaces, temples (gompas), monasteries, stupas and old neighbourhoods. The high risk profile of the Himalayas makes a disaster risk reduction (DRR) sensitive approach to conservation of such heritage sites and structures imperative. This issue of highlights such efforts from Sikkim and other Himalayan states of India.
Full of information on information on good practices and projects that have promoted DRR sensitive heritage conservation in the Himalayas, this issue is must read for all those interested in this important theme.

The 117th issue of is titled ‘Risk Sensitive Heritage Conservation in Sikkim’ content includes:

i. The Need for DRR Sensitive Heritage Conservation in the Himalayas

ii. Assessment of Heritage Buildings in Context of 2011 Earthquake: A Report by INTACH

iii. Conservation of the Wall-Paintings in the Gangtok Tsuklakhang in Sikkim

iv. Cost of Disasters to India Unknown

v. Heritage Hazard Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment Tool for Hilly Regions

vi. Update on Rainfall Insurance at SEWA

The contributions from Mihir R. Bhatt with AIDMI Team; Aditya Jain, Mehul Pandya, Paola Jani, and Reema Nanavaty.