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Temotu, a year and a half after the tsunami

Соломоновы Острова
Govt. Solomon Islands
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Many Temotu communities affected by the February 2013 tsunami are on their way back to normalcy, thanks to the resilience of communities and some assistance from various organisations.

Restored food gardens, temporary shelters, and some new livelihood opportunities are among the signs of recovery, one year and a half on from the disaster.

"It’s the local people here who take the initiative to make these programs work at a village level,” said Temotu Premier Fr. Charles Brown Beu.

“Many people also took the initiative to reconstruct their homes, and other things, even before they received any assistance.”

After the disaster struck, almost every affected family was left having to build a shelter for themselves.

Solomon Islands Red Cross developed a small program to bridge the gap until communities could have more permanent shelter. With help from Anglican Aid, nails, hammers, saws, fuel, and lighting were distributed.

Of the affected shelters – both destroyed and damaged – 96 per cent received this shelter assistance package.

In Manuputi village, on Santa Cruz island west of Lata, Sarah Meaio’s son helped her rebuild her temporary house using the materials from Red Cross.