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ACT Appeal Brazil: Floods & Mudslides LABR01 (Revision 1)

Publication date

Appeal Target: US$ 131,747
Balance Requested from ACT Network: US$ 100,805

Geneva, 6 September 2000

Dear Colleagues,

Three days of torrential rain on 30 July and 31 July 31 (125.9mm) and 1 August (185.9mm), bringing the accumulated average to date up to 2,851mm, 399mm above the annual average, wrecked havoc in the States of Pernambuco and Alagoas. In Pernambuco, 53,000 were left homeless and 23 people lost their lives.

In response to the dire situation faced by thousands of flood afflicted in Brazil, ACT Appeal LABR01 was issued on 17 August 2000 with ACT member CESE proposing an initial emergency relief programme. This revision contains a proposal from DIACONIA, a private social welfare organization formed by eleven Evangelical Churches in Brazil and partner of the NCA and CSA. They have requested support from the ACT network to provide assistance to the affected families in the urban area of Recife and two rural communities in the state of Pernambuco in the crisis and post-crisis phase. They will provide:

  • Food
  • Materials for the reconstruction of the affected houses in the urban area of Recife.

Project Completion Date: End December 2000.

Summary of Appeal Targets, Pledges/Contributions Received and Balance Requested

Total Target US$
Total Appeal Target(s)
Less: Pledges/Contr. Recd.
Balance Requested from ACT Network

Please kindly send your contributions to the following ACT bank account:

Account Number - 102539/0.01.061 (USD)
Account Name: ACT - Action by Churches Together
Banque Edouard Constant
Cours de Rive 11
Case postale 3754
1211 Genève 3

Please also inform the Finance Officer Jessie Kgoroeadira (direct tel. +4122/791.60.38, e-mail address of all pledges/contributions and transfers, including funds sent direct to the implementers, now that the Pledge Form is no longer attached to the Appeal.

We would appreciate being informed of any intent to submit applications for EU, USAID and/or other back donor funding and the subsequent results. We thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

ACT Web Site address:

Thor-Arne Prois
ACT Coordinator

ACT is a worldwide network of churches and related agencies meeting human need through coordinated emergency response.

The ACT Coordinating Office is based with the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) in Switzerland.


DIACONIA a private social welfare organization in Brazil formed by eleven Evangelical Churches in 1967. Its objective is to serve the less fortunate in urban and rural areas, especially in the Northeastern region of Brazil. At the moment it fulfills this objective through three programs: The Child and Adolescent Advancement Program (urban areas); the Family Agriculture Aid Program (rural areas) and the Churches Service Activity Aid Program (urban/rural areas). DIACONIA is a partner of the Norwegian Church Aid –NCA- and the Church Aid of Sweden –CAS-.


The implementing agency will be DIACONIA working in partnership with its members in the affected area: the Salvation Army, the Brazilian Anglican Church, the Brazilian Evangelical Church of the Lutheran Confession, the Brazilian Lutheran Evangelical Church, the Methodist Church and the Brazilian Presbyterian Church. These Churches are among the eleven founding Churches of Diaconia. The Salvation Army is a member of the Forum of Churches recently set up by Diaconia.


Three days of torrential rain on 30 and 31 July (125.9mm) and on 1 August (185.9mm), bringing the accumulated average to date up to 2,851mm - 399mm above the annual average, wrecked havoc in the States of Pernambuco and Alagoas. In Pernambuco, 53,000 were left homeless and 23 people lost their lives.

Rain continues to fall and hinder the work of clearing up. The Governor estimates that US$ 71 million is needed to recuperate the infrastructure, housing, equipment and the economic sector of the 38 cities affected by the storms. The President paid a visit to the devastated area and has promised to provide financial aid.

Of 450 public schools in the metropolitan region of Recife, 158 were damaged by the rains and of the other 515 schools in the other municipalities, 275 were damaged. 480 kilometers of federal highways have been damaged along with 11 state highways damaged in various localities. 55 kilometers of roads in the metropolitan region have been damaged and 4 kilometers of access roads have been destroyed.

The city of Catende, 130 kilometers from Recife, with a population of 31,000 inhabitants, has 7,000 people homeless and damage is estimated to be almost US$ 3 million.

The city of Belem de Maria, 153 kilometers from Recife, with a population of 16,000, has 5,000 homeless. The cost of damages has not been calculated.

Impact on Human Lives

More than 53,000 homeless in over 35 municipalities in Pernambuco

The State Department of Health said that in the last week there have been 26 cases of leptospirosis an increase over the usual numbers as the rains this year have been more intense.


To provide assistance to 310 families seriously affected by the floods in the State of Pernambuco.

Specific Objectives

  • To provide basic food hampers to the families
  • To provide basic material for the reconstruction of the most damaged houses


310 affected families (approximately 1,500 people).


266 families living in the marginal areas of Recife and 44 families in the rural area of the Pernambuco State. The following are the communities that will be assisted:

Urban area:

Alto do Eucalipticos community: 160 families
Aguazinha: 16 families
Janga: 80 families
Alto da Bondade: 10 families

Rural area:

Ilha do Maruim and Milagres: 44 families

The communities of Ilha do Maruim and Milagres participated in development programs with DIACONIA.

Criteria for selection

  • Those persons most affected by the floods
  • Those receiving no other assistance

These families are being sheltered in the houses of relatives, neighbors and in church halls and are in great need.



A Food basket to sustain a family of 5 persons for a week will be distributed. The basket will contain: 2 kilos of rice, 2 kilos of beans, 2 kilos of macaroni, 2 kilos of sugar, 2 kilos of manioc flour, 1 liter of oil, one tin of powered milk, a packet of salt, 250 grams of coffee.

Basic material for reconstruction of the affected houses

Basic material for the reconstruction of houses that were severely damaged by landslides in the urban areas will be provided: bricks, cement, sand, tiles and doors.

The work of fixing the houses will be done by the people of the communities involved in a joint effort and coordinated by the local church.


The implementation of the activities will be carried out by a group of technicians from DIACONIA together with members of the Salvation Army, Church Leaders and Volunteers. DIACONIA will assume responsibility for the financial administration of the funds, for monitoring the use of it and reporting to ACT.


The project has already begun, financed with a donation of around U$ 2,000 from Diaconia. The estimated timeline is three months.


The work is being coordinated together with Diaconia member-churches and the Salvation Army.