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Armed conflict forces thousands in Chocó to flee from their homes

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Thousands of indigenous and afro-Colombians living in the department of Chocó have found themselves fleeing for their lives as illegal armed groups fight for the control of territory, illegal mineral mining and lucrative drug-trafficking corridors.

Whilst the peace dialogues continue in Havana, Indigenous and Afro-Colombian Peoples in Alto Baudó, Chocó are being forced to flee from their homes and land as armed combats between the post-demobilised paramilitary group Gaitanistas [1] and the Resistencia Cimarrón unit of the guerrilla group the ELN (Ejército de Liberación Nacional) develop in the area.

According to the Ombudsman’s Office (Defensoria del Pueblo),[2] since the middle of May 2014, 2,500 inhabitants in 17 Indigenous resguardos on the banks of the river Dubaza, in Alto Baudó have been forced to flee. Indigenous and afro-Colombian populations have also, at times, found themselves confined by the armed actors.