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BHMAC press release 25.05.2014

Govt. BiH
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In these difficult moments when Bosnia and Herzegovina is suffering from the biggest natural disaster it is necessary to pay special attention to landmine survivors of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is clear that mine victims are special group in the group of persons with disabilities and that it is necessary to pay special attention to these people when providing assistance. Mine Action Centre in BiH appeals for assistance to NGOs who are taking care of mine victims to be especially sensitive to the needs of this vulnerable group and their families . Mine Action Centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina has prepared a list of mine victims and they will be delivered to all organizations that are currently in the affected areas.

Based on the instructions of the Demining Commission in BiH, the work of teams from Mine Action Centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be focused on the activities of alerting the population on landmines / UXOs danger and marking of suspected hazardous locations. Emergency demining teams of NGOs formed with the help of the European Union Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina are in the field with the competent authorities of local communities and other organizations monitoring the situation on the landslides which are in the zone of suspected hazardous areas and they are ready to carry out emergency demining in order to repair road communications and infrastructure in safe conditions.

We appeal to all residents to do not undertake any activities on their own regarding mines and UXO removal. Please note and be aware that if you see a mine or other explosive devices, you should mark them with improvised signs of danger and do not touch or move such devices or take them to the landfills. You have to inform competent authorities (Civil Protection, Police, members of BiH Armed Forces or BHMAC teams) whenever and wherever you notice some dangerous devices.