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BHMAC press release 22.05.2014

Govt. BiH
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As part of the activities of monitoring the situation regarding the potential "moving" of mines in the region due to flooding, a regional expert team which consists of representatives of the Mine Action Center of Republic of Serbia, the Mine Action Center of Republic of Croatia and Mine Action Centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Friday, May 23, 2014 will hold a meeting in Spacva, Croatia, within which will be determined the plan of action to eliminate the mine danger caused by flooding in the region.

The meeting will be attended by directors and experts from these three Mine Action Centers. At the meeting will be exchanged all available information from the domain of mine action in order to eliminate the consequences of natural disasters that struck the region.

Today in Sarajevo has arrived operating team with unmanned aerial vehicle from Belgian First Aid, Belgian Military Academy with assistance from Vrije University Brussels, Department of Electronics and Informatics. Tomorrow morning at 8 o’clock the team will go out in the field along with special teams for surveying of suspected hazardous areas composed of BHMAC survey teams from Regional office Tuzla and Regional office Sarajevo. Recording of the images will take place at the mouth of Krivaja river and continue to Maglaj and Doboj and the plan is to record the area of Odzak. Delegation of the European Union together with non-governmental organization: Association for the elimination of landmines - UEM, STOP Mines, Dok-ing demining, Demira and Posavina without mines, who have current contracts in the field of demining and mine risk education, have put themselves at the disposal in the form of emergency teams.

Please note and be aware that if you see a mine or other explosive devices, you should mark them with improvised signs of danger and do not touch or move such devices or take them to the landfills. You have to inform competent authorities (Civil Protection, Police, members of BiH Armed Forces or BHMAC teams) whenever and wherever you notice some dangerous devices.

We inform residents to do not undertake any activities on their own regarding mines and UXO removal. All activities related to the removal of mines and UXO will be done by qualified and specialized organizations in BiH.