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BHMAC press release 20.05.2014

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Govt. BiH
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All operational teams of Mine Action Centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina are present in flooded areas where the water receded, with the aim of gathering information on changing the borders of suspected hazardous areas caused by floods and landslides.

Many mine action organizations for emergency situations and emergency demining interventions are offering help to Mine Action Centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On Friday will be held a regional meeting for humanitarian demining and on that ocassion will be established a regional expert team for crisis management in the region of Republic of Serbia, Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Upon request of BHMAC, tonight is arriving Belgian First Aid to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The operational team of Belgian Royal Military Academy arrives as a support to Belgian rescue team and BHMAC team. Tomorrow they will take airborne images of Maglaj and Doboj areas with UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). Vrije University from Brussels, Department of Electronics and Informatics, has offered to BHMAC help with diverting satellites and recording flooded areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mine Action Centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina will then assess suspected hazardous areas affected by floods and create a damage assessment. By the end of May we will have a list of the most affected macrolocations with mine maps and a complete assessment of the mine situation in the areas affected by the floods.

Mine Action Centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina has information that is in the area of Cerika , Brcko District, the water moved minefield and there was an explosion of one mine. Fortunately, there was no any injury. We have information that at several locations where the water receded there were found bombs, grenades and weapons.

In the emergency phase of the rescuing population, there is being performed warning on mine and UXO danger (Mine Risk Education) by Civil Protection teams and the Red Cross as well as EUFOR LOT teams. They have started the distribution of leaflets to inform the population about mine danger.

Please note and be aware that if you see a mine or other explosive devices, you should mark them with improvised signs of danger and do not touch or move such devices or take them to the landfills. You have to inform competent authorities (Civil Protection, Police, members of BiH Armed Forces or BHMAC teams) whenever and wherever you notice some dangerous devices.

Mine Action Centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina