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BHMAC qarning - Floods and landslides might cause shifting of minefields

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Govt. BiH
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Due to the natural disasters of floods and landslides that have befallen Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mine Action Centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina warns residents of the flooded areas as well as the areas with landslides that there is a possibility that the floods and landslides have moved certain minefields and took away mine warning signs.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Centre in cooperation with Civil Protections of the Entities and Civil Protection of Brcko District will identify and update data on the areas that have been affected by floods and landslides. As a consequence of this natural disaster, mines could move from suspected hazardous areas and all necessary measures should be taken to prevent residents.

According to the data available to Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Centre, the most affected mined areas are the regions of Doboj, Maglaj, Olovo, Una-Sana Canton and Bosanska Posavina, which are currently the most affected by the floods. We also advise residents that the mine threat is largely present in the basins of rivers Bosna, Spreča, Usora and Krivaja.

We invite residents of the flooded areas and the areas affected by landslides to send all available information to Mine Action Centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Civil Protections in BiH if they notice mine explosive devices and to do not touch such devices.

Please note that to date, in 2014 in BiH have been registered six mine accidents in which four people were killed and eight people were injured.