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Red Cross gives more relief to floods victims

Tanzania Red Cross
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Tanzania Red Cross continues to lead in the humanitarian services sector in the country

It has just completed constructing 400 temporary shelters, 100 pit latrines and kitchen halls for over 2000 people displaced by floods in Kilosa district Morogoro Region in the month of January.

The affected wards of Matete and Magoli were the most areas affected by floods in January owing to heavy downpour in the neighbouring districts.

Floods swallowed up the areas leaving their lifestyles changed. Houses, livestock, crops and plantations were all completely washed away, and one person left dead and another unaccounted for to date.

People who once owned property and lived a sanity life are currently living in temporary shelters and get only essential human needs all in courtesy of Red Cross.

Each of affected families also gets relief such as blankets, water containers bed nets, mattresses, kitchen sets soap and buckets among others that they use meanwhile waiting for the government support.