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Latest info on flooding in Dar Es Salaam

Tanzania Red Cross
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Dar Es Salaam, April 15, 2014; The Tanzania's business capital has again been hit by disaster following heavy downpour that has left tens of thousands of residents severely affected. This is an addition to several areas in the country that have been affected by the ongoing heavy rains in the country.

Over 400 households equivalent to over 2,000 individuals have displaced following the floods where several of these have suffered varied degrees of damage while others have been rendered completely inhabitable after being submerged under flood water.

The ongoing flooding is primarily the consequence of heavy downpour that has pounded the city continuously since Thursday April 10th, 2014.

In addition to households' damages, several bridges linking the city centre and its suburbs were swept away by the ravaging floods rendering communication and transportation between the different parts of the city to be quite difficult. Most of the victims not only lost their livelihoods but also almost all of their essential households like; cooking sets, mattresses, food reserves etc.

Most affected areas include; Jangwani, Kigogo, Tandale, Mbagala, Kigamboni Tua ngoma, Mburahati, Mtoni Kijichi, Msasani and several others. As of 14th April 2014, a greater portion of the displaced families took refuge in various temporary holding locations as follows:- Jangwani Congo-102, Jangwani Fire-53, Jangwani B-110, Jangwani A-62,Vingunguti Dampo-56, Kinondoni Bujunghu-15 and Jangwani F-67.

Tanzania Red Cross Society (TRCS) has deployed a total of 50 volunteers and three staff members to provide first aid/ambulance services and to participate in the search and rescue operations coordinated by the Government through the Fire and Rescue brigade. TRCS has so far distributed 330 blankets.

Emergency Needs: Emergency relief intervention is urgently required to avert imminent suffering and related health risks against those badly affected by the floods particularly those who have been displaced. Urgent needs have preliminarily been identified as follows: Blankets, Mattresses, Bed sheets, Mosquito nets, Kitchen/ Cooking sets, Food items, water buckets, drinking water and tarpaulins for emergency shelter.

Damage/Impact: Several roads including feeder roads that link different locations have been seriously damaged and thereby causing unbearable inconveniences to both pedestrians and motorists. A key bridge that connects the City and the nearby town of Bagamoyo has also been badly damaged.

This situation is continuing since rains are still pounding in several areas. Tanzania Meteorological Authority (TMA),reports that several locations of the country will continue to receive above normal rains with greater possibility of further flooding in several parts of the country particularly along coastal belt.

Red Cross is already undertaking a three months response on floods operation in Morogoro/Dakawa since January this year. The region is still experiencing heavy downpour from upstream. TRCS is gradually getting overwhelmed and overstretched since it has only been responding with its available disaster preparedness stocks and other essential resources which are limited.

A detailed needs assessment is ongoing and NS will continue to monitor the situation.

Released by Communication Office,

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