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South Sudan: Starting a field survey project on vocational training

Soudan du Sud
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JCCP has started a field survey in Juba, the capital city of South Sudan, on 31st March 2014. Researchers will be sent to the field and will do some interview survey and data collection on the economic/social environment, the actual conditions of employment surrounding the youth since the end of last year, and the needs of support for the youth in the future including vocational training. Also note that this survey project will be sponsored by private donors.

JCCP has implemented some support projects for the independence of the young people and the development of a new country, such as vocational training and employment support for the young people and awareness-raising activities on hygiene and health for vulnerable children. However, due to the rapid deterioration in the security situation and the fighting in South Sudan since December last year, JCCP has been forced to implement the projects from a distance.

Therefore, JCCP has decided to carry out the two-month field survey to analyse what kind of support will be needed for the young people including vocational training based on the current economic/social environment and the actual conditions of employment surrounding the youth when the security situation will have improved significantly.

This field survey is planned to focus the following two points.

  1. Survey the employment situation of JCCP training graduates and interview their employers.
    The main places of employment of JCCP training graduates are hotels and restaurants in the capital city, Juba. While most of these places have still opened as usual, this survey will aim to grasp whether there is no change of the employment situation or whether JCCP training graduates have still been employed under this volatile security situation.

  2. Survey the needs of employment not only in the service industries such as hotels and restaurants, but also in other industries expected to grow in the future, and the needs of vocational training and employment support related to it.

Through this field survey, JCCP will continue to seek opportunities of working on peace-building, ensuring safety of the staffs and those involved and cooperating with the people in South Sudan whom we have developed a relationship with so far including the government authorities and partner organizations.