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Grand Housing Mission Venezuela consolidated itself in 2013 as a social program

Govt. Venezuela
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Caracas, 26 Dic. AVN.- Willing to build the homeland of Bolivar and respond to people's needs, the Bolivarian government closes this year with the delivery of 4,000 homes for refugee families, said Francisco Vilela, director general of the Presidential Commission for Refugees.

Since 2011, when the Commander Chavez created the Grand Housing Mission Venezuela (GMVV) to ensure good quality homes to people, especially to those families who were affected the most by the heavy rains fell in the country by the end of 2010 and early 2011.

So far 503,077 households have been delivered across the country.

"Grand Housing Mission Venezuela is the Chavez's miracle on Earth," said President Nicolas Maduro during a delivery of 56 homes in Caracas last September.

In Caracas 28,000 homes have been delivered to refugee families, in addition to 3,400 granted to the families that migrated to different states.

With this mission, three million people have received the keys to their new homes, while 33,000 refugee families have been the priority to receive them. 62% of homes were built by the People's Power.

On 6 December, president granted the housing unit number 500,000 in Lagunillas, Zulia state, in the Fabricio Ojeda housing development.

With the approval of the Plan of the Homeland, housing construction in the country became law, according to one of its goals which consists of transforming Venezuela into a country's power, so the target for GMVV by 2019 is three million new homes.

AVN 26/12/2013 18:17