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Building Back Better: A More Resilient Sikkim Post 2011 Earthquake, issue no. 98, October 2013

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Earthquake in Himalayas is shared nightmare. The 2011 earthquake in Sikkim offered built pilot of experience. What does this experience tell us? A small effort is made to capture the experience in Sikkim.

This issue of focuses primarily upon the recovery and rehabilitation of the Indian state of Sikkim post the 18 September 2011 earthquake. Filled with well researched articles and summary reports, the theme of this issue is ‘Building a More Resilient Sikkim Post 2011’.

The content includes:

i. Two Years after the Sikkim Earthquake: Important Lessons Learnt ii. AIDMI and the Sikkim Earthquake 2011 iii. Summary Analysis Sikkim State Disaster Management Plan 2010-2011 iv. Getting Climate Smart for Disasters in Sikkim v. Lessons of Preparedness from Uttarakhand to Sikkim vi. Managing Disaster Debris vii. G20 Summit – A Missed Agenda? viii. Riots in Uttar Pradesh: What Should National Integration Council Discuss ix. Disaster Management and Mitigation Plan 2013 x. Rebuilding the Uttarakhand from Ground Zero xi. School Safety in Sikkim: NSSP and Beyond

The contributions from Mihir R. Bhatt and Kshitij Gupta, All India Disaster Mitigation Institute; Langdon Greenhalgh, Managing Director, Global Emergency Group; and Divyesh Desai, Regional Marketing Manager, Hazira LNG Private Limited, Ahmedabad.