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EU countries provide aid for the refugees in Bulgaria

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Truckload of material aid to Bulgaria departed today from Hungary. The aid is provided under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, enabled by Bulgaria on 16 October 2013. The donation includes blankets, bedding, hygiene and sanitation materials and other items as requested by Bulgaria. The head of the Bulgarian mission in Budapest Biserka Benisheva thanked on behalf of the Bulgarian government and the citizens of Bulgaria for the quick response of Hungary in this difficult time for us.

This morning, the Ambassador of Slovakia to Bulgaria,Marian Yakubotsi delivered an aid under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism to Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Interior Vasil Marinkov in connection with the increased migration flow of Syrian citizens through the Bulgarian-Turkish border. The donation consists mainly of camp-beds, blankets and kitchen utensils. It is worth around € 30,000, and that of Hungary – around € 40,000. A bilateral request for assistance to deal with the growing number of immigrants and refugees was also sent to the other EU countries two weeks ago. The provision of such assistance was so far confirmed by Austria and a number of other Member States.

A week ago in Sofia, the President of Croatia Ivo Josipović said that his country is willing to accept some of the Syrian refugees, as Croatia fully complies with the EU policy.