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Meaningful Aid from Bosnia-Herzegovinians to Syrians

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In order to support Syrians in Turkey, Merhamet Humanitarian Relief Charity has provided 14 containers equipped with washing machines and commercial double bowl sinks for Viranşehir Temporary Accommodation Center in Şanlıurfa today.

In the press meeting organized in our Presidency to mark the donation of Bosnia-Herzegovinian community, President of AFAD Dr. Fuat OKTAY, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Republic of Turkey Damir DZANKO and the President of Merhamet Hajrudin ŠAHIC were present.

Ambassador DZANKO said:

“The Bosnian people experienced the same tragedy in their history, so we have great empathy for our Syrian brothers and sisters who have been struggling with the civil war for over two years.”

President of AFAD OKTAY, noting that even a one-cent donation coming from Bosnia is more meaningful than those coming from developed counties, said:

“The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina are giving this strong message: We won't let our Syrian brothers and sisters endure the same burden we once had to bear.”

Hajrudin ŠAHIC, the President of Merhamet Humanitarian Relief Charity emphasized humanitarian action of Turkey in Bosnia and continue with the message of Bosnia-Herzegovinians to Syrians:

“Stay strong, troubles will pass, we pray for you to return to your homes.”

Merhamet, working in close cooperation with AFAD, sent 13 scullery containers and 1 laundry container equipped with washing machines and commercial double bowl sinks. These containers will be deployed to the camps in Şanlıurfa with the aim of making the daily life of refugees there as easy as possible.