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Benin: Fire DREF operation no. MDRBJ011 final report

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Summary: CHF 139,315 was allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on 19 January, 2013 to support the national society in delivering assistance to some 2,759 beneficiaries in the affected area of Alloya in the arrondissement (district) of Chee-Ahomadegbe, municipality of Lalo in Couffo department southwest of Benin.

On 6 January, a fire broke out in the village of Alloya, resulting in in the destruction of hundreds of houses and displacement of almost 3,000 people, leaving the affected families in a very vulnerable situation without any shelter.

The Benin Red Cross (BRCS) responded immediately to the disaster by providing first aid and community-based hygiene and sanitation activities and supported the National Society’s community based health and water, sanitation and hygiene promotion activities alongside the response of the authorities. In the aftermath of the fire disaster, the Beninese authorities decided to distribute tents to the most affected families, making it necessary to change the proposed activities of the IFRC DREF operation.

The planned tarpaulins were left out of the procurement process, and during distribution of basic household items, an excess of 95 kits were not needed in the affected community and were therefore stored as disaster preparedness stocks.

An assessment of the intended emergency latrine areas showed that the soil could not support the originally planned design, and due to increased costs of the modified design, the number of emergency latrines was reduced to 6 blocks of 2 latrines.

The BRCS has committed to support the repairs of destroyed houses in cooperation with the authorities.

The amount budgeted for tarpaulins was therefore used for items more relevant for this activity. To finalize all activities, this operation was extended for one month.

A DREF review was carried out by an IFRC team including representatives of BRCS the IFRC regional DREF final report BENIN: FIRE