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Cholera: Situation in the WHO African Region, as of 03 June 2013

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**Epidemiological situation

Cholera remains a major public health issue in the WHO African Region. Between 01 January and 03 June 2013, a total of 25 762 cholera cases and 490 deaths were reported from 18 countries resulting in a CFR of 1.9%.

The most affected country during the period under review is DR Congo which accounted for 71% (18 375/30 283) of cases and 68% (333/490) of deaths followed by Mozambique (9% of cases and 1.7% of deaths) and Angola (7% of cases and 4% of deaths). The cases reported from DR Congo are mostly occurring along the borders with Congo, Tanzania, Zambia , Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda, heightening the risk of cross-border transmission of V. Cholerae. The geographic distribution of cholera cases in DR Congo and the neighboring countries and Mozambique is shown in figure 3.