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Allocated 24,000 homes to people in need

Govt. Venezuela
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Caracas, 14 May. AVN.- The Bolivarian Government has allocated 24,000 houses to families who lived in makeshift shelters after becoming homeless due to relentless rainfalls registered in Venezuela between the years 2010 and 2011, informed Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro.

President Nicolas Maduro held a meeting with spokespeople of residents of makeshift shelters in Caracas and he informed that there were still 7,000 families who lost their houses two years ago.

Also, there are 4,000 families who lost their homes due to other natural disasters occurred nationwide. "We have proposed to solve that problem this year and carry out another planning," Maduro detailed.

The meeting is carried out at Fuerte Tiuna fort, Caracas, with the attendance of Housing minister Ricardo Molina; minister for the Urban Transformation of Caracas, Francisco Sesto; and Capital District governor Jacqueline Faria, among other top government officials.

Leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez, ordered to move them to makeshift shelters enabled across the city with a view to ensure their integrity.