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Tajikistan Remote Monitoring Update, April 2013

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Regular spring rainfall has improved harvest prospects


• Despite high prices for wheat and wheat flour and continued high demand for imported foods, income sources in Tajikistan were seasonally normal or increasing slightly.
Remittances in March 2013 were at a record high for March at 221.8 million U.S. dollars, supported in part by a higher level of outmigration in 2013.

• With regular spring rains from late February into April expected to continue and with the slight increase in planted area, prospects for the 2013 wheat harvest in Tajikistan are good. The harvest is likely to be average to above average.

• Prices of wheat and wheat flour are likely to fall following the wheat harvest in Tajikistan and also following the replenishment of Kazakhstan’s wheat stocks when the harvest starts in northern Kazakhstan in August. This should significantly increase regional wheat supply.