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Pakistan Market Price Bulletin, February 2013

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  • In January, the prices of wheat and wheat flour in Pakistan reached an all-time high with an increase of 6.35% and 6.33% respectively, compared to the previous month. This was in contrast to a marginal decline observed in the prices in USA, Australia and India.

  • General inflation, based on Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased by 8.1% year-on-year basis compared to 7.9% in the previous month and 10.1% in January 2012.

  • Prices of most non-cereal essential food commodities showed marginal to modest increase. However, for the poultry products, the price of chicken increased by 9.8% while that of eggs decreased by 8.9%

  • The price of petroleum products remained fairly stable.

  • Further deterioration was observed in the purchasing power of poor households.