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DFID’s Peace and Security Programme in Nepal

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Executive Summary

Nepal’s decade-long civil war ended in 2006 with the signing of a Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA). This review assesses five DFID peace and security projects, costing £53 million, intended to support the CPA’s implementation and Nepal’s transition to peace. The projects ranged from rehabilitation of former child soldiers, support to elections, access to justice (especially for women via community dispute resolution) and police reform.


Assessment: Green-Amber

Project partners have delivered well and projects have achieved significant positive impact. DFID has not, however, adapted the direction and aims of its peace and security programme over time, which may jeopardise its future potential. The lack of response to changed context, including the current political deadlock, may risk projects inadvertently increasing tensions rather than building stability. A new peace and security strategy is required to build on successes achieved to date.