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Karamoja Drought Early Warning System: Summary of the 7 District Drought Bulletins – December 2012

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Abim, Kotido and Napak are classified as Normal since only one sector is on Alert in each district. The remaining districts are on Alert, with at least 2 sectors on Alert/Alarm in each district. In spite of favorable rainfall having ensured the availability of pasture and water, and the fairly good harvest (though generally less than last year) having ensured the availability of food, the major concerns in December are: - Livestock sector affected by numerous diseases (Brucellosis in Nakapiripirit and Amudat, Tick Born diseases and CBPP/CCPP in the other districts) - Malnutrition rates still high in Moroto, Nakapiripirit and Napak districts, most likely due to poor child care practices and poor hygiene and sanitation - Misuse of the harvest through poor post harvest handling practices, over selling of food, high number of traditional ceremonies

Knowing that the region entering the dry season, actions to improve animal health and reduce misuse of food stock should be the main focus of all stakeholders.