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Climate Prediction Center’s Central Asia Hazards Outlook For USAID / FEWS-NET January 30 – February 5, 2013

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During the past week, above-average temperature prevailed across much of Central Asia, with the largest positive anomalies ranging between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius throughout western Turkmenistan to eastern Kazakhstan. Higher than average temperatures are expected to continue in the region during the next week. However, minimum temperature is still forecast to fall below -20 degrees Celsius over the higher elevations of Central Asia.


Below-average precipitation has been observed across a wide portion of Central Asia, including northeastern Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and northern Pakistan since the beginning of January. The dry weather during the past week has also increased snow water volume deficits over basins of northern Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Pakistan. During the next week, winter storms are expected to bring enhanced precipitation, with moderate to heavy (up to 30 inches) snowfall in central and eastern Afghanistan, eastern Tajikistan, and northern Pakistan.