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Hurricane Jose Post Impact Situation Report #2

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Hurricane Jose, with maximum sustained winds of 100mph(160km/hr) passed over the northern Leeward Islands between Wednesday, October 20, and early this morning Thursday, October 21, 1999. The core of the storm passed directly over the island Antigua, where preliminary damage reports indicate that this was the most severely impacted island. The islands of Dominica, Anguilla, Barbuda, St. Kitts/Nevis, Montserrat and the British Virgin Islands experienced tropical storm force conditions. Preliminary reports coming out of these islands suggest that minimal damage resulted from Jose's impact.

The Weather report at 8.00am, Thursday, October 21, 1999 stated that Jose is losing strength with maximum sustained winds of barely 75 mph (120km/hr). It is likely to be downgraded to a tropical storm later this morning. Hurricane warnings have been discontinued for a portion of the islands in the Leeward Antilles.




Tropical storm force winds were experienced for approximately 5 hours, from about 8.00pm to after midnight. There was also very heavy rainfall with 6 inches recorded so far at the Agricultural Department located in the Valley Area.

Preliminary damage assessment

East End of the island received the strongest impact.

Beach erosion was reported in the eastern and southern sections of the island.

Telephones are still in working order

A few electricity cable and telephone lines are down. Utility crews are out to effect repairs

Some trees uprooted and roads are impassable.

No damage to housing

No flooding

Heavy rain continues to fall over most of the Territory.

Pre- event preparedness

Shelters were opened, but no one went to shelters which still remain open

Extra flights were put on by American Airlines to facilitate tourists who evacuated hotels

Airport and seaport were closed

Schools, Banks, and Government offices remain closed

Electricity was switched off as a precautionary measure and the island is still without electricity.


Sombrero, an off-shore Cay 32 miles northwest of Anguilla which houses a light house station reported no damage and that the four staff members were all right

External support

UK British Frigate the Northumberland, continues to monitor the situation.

Based on preliminary report external support should not be necessary.


Appended is the full report as received from Antigua/Barbuda, Wednesday October 20,1999.

Initial reports to date reveal the following as a result of the passage of Hurricane Jose.

One (1) person confirmed dead

One elderly, blind male - Missing

Confirmed injured - 15

No. of persons who sought shelter - 506

Number of shelters damaged - 2

Reports of damage received so far indicate that a number of properties have been destroyed or damaged.

As a result of the short period of daylight hours between the "all-clear" and darkness, it was not possible for a complete official initial assessment to be made.

This will be addressed at our earliest convenience on Thursday, 21st October 1999.

Some access roads that were made impassible as a result of fallen debris have since been partially cleared. The Central Board of Health and The Public Works Department will collaborate to complete this task.

The temporary Marketplace in the vicinity of the West Bus Station, comprising mainly of tents, has been extensively damaged. This area will need to be addressed urgently.

Preliminary assessment done by the Central Board of Health reveals that a significant amount of debris has been generated as a result of Hurricane Jose.

Lifeline services have also been affected. However, while some telephone lines are down, the level of communication is still quite favourable.

The electrical power, as a matter of policy, was suppressed. It will be some time before a proper assessment can be conducted. The full extent to the estimated damage to this sector, and the time frame, within which the services will be restored, is not known at this time.

The water services is primarily affected by the lack of electricity, hence the situation of no-access to this service.

The Health Services suffered minor damage. The major Government Health Services are now operating on alternative power supply.

Preliminary Response

Routes leading to the Hospital and Airport have been cleared.

All major highways are now accessible

Preliminary District Report:

St. Paul's

42 persons homeless
8 homes destroyed
4 homes with major damage
12 homes with minor damage
13 business places with major damage
There was no significant damage to the Airport.

There is no report as to the condition of the Seaports.

Preliminary assessments are ongoing as far as the Hotel Industry and other Sectors are concerned, and will follow this report.

At this time, based on information available, it is not deemed necessary to activate the CDRU.

However, Antigua and Barbuda has identified the need for plastic sheeting, since there are reports of a good number of damaged roofs.

A formal report will be forwarded as per the "needs list" of the countries, as the information becomes available.


Tropical storm conditions are being experienced

Presently there are no reports of damage as there was minimal impact.

The Acting Governor addressed the nation this morning.

A few persons sought shelter in Anegada during the passage of the storm but were already leaving for their homes as of this morning.

Further report will be provided by this afternoon


At 9.10am, Thursday, October 21, 1999 it was still raining.


No significant damage resulted

Small landslides were reported

Transportation Service

No air or sea link. Ferry sought safe harbour and will return once sea conditions return to normal.

Seas are presently rough with very high tides and this is expected to continue for another 2 two days.


St. Kitts experienced the weaker side of the storm.

At 9.25am Thursday October 21, 1999 it was still raining

Heavy flow of water in the Ghauts were hampering access to the Emergency Operations Center

No expectation of major damage.

Damage assessment will be undertaken as soon as rain subsides

Heavy localised flooding being reported

NDC will update report this afternoon


Based on the preliminary reports provided by the National Disaster Coordinators, no immediate need for a reconnaissance flight or the deployment of the CDRU has been established. However members of the CDRU and CARILEC should remain on standby to provide support if such a request is made.

The 24hr contact number for the Coordinating Unit is (246) 436 9651.

The CDERA Coordinating Unit will continue to monitor the situation and will provide a follow-up update this afternoon.

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