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SEEDS becomes the first Indian national NGO to become HAP certified

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Geneva, 26 November 2012: SEEDS has become the first Indian national NGO to become certified by the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership International. Joining a growing list of national and international NGOs which recognise the value of the HAP certification scheme and the importance of installing processes that facilitate accountability in humanitarian action, SEEDS has demonstrated compliance with the 2010 HAP Standard in Accountability and Quality Management thanks to an extensive process of external auditing.

The 2010 HAP Standard helps to establish a commitment to accountability and quality programming through the following six benchmarks: establishing and delivering on commitments; staff competency; sharing information; participation; handling complaints; and learning and continual improvement.

Unique in the humanitarian sector, the HAP certification scheme recognises those organisations whose work in the sector meets the highest standards of accountability in the sector. To date, SEEDS is the 15th organisation to be HAP-certified, demonstrating the increasing international recognition given to the accountability in the humanitarian and development sector.

About HAP International

The Humanitarian Accountability Partnership has pioneered accountability in the humanitarian sector since its inception in 2003. Today, with a global membership whose work spans more than 70 countries, HAP International has become a leader in accountability-related certification, training and research. With a mission to make humanitarian action accountable, HAP defines accountability as ‘the responsible use of power’. The ultimate goal of the organisation is to uphold the rights and the dignity of crisis-affected populations across the world.


Founded in 1994, SEEDS has been working with a mission to protect the lives and livelihoods of people exposed to natural hazards. Behind this work lies the diverse SEEDS team - young professionals trained and experienced in post-emergency recovery and reconstruction, resilience building and education. It is governed and advised by a board of eminent academicians and practitioners from international organisations. Over the years, this small team of committed individuals has reached out to families affected in every major emergency in India – be it earthquakes, floods or cyclones; restored schools and homes; and has invariably put its faith in education to build long term resilience. SEEDS continues to advocate for and work with communities across Asia to build a safer and more sustainable world.

For further enquiries, please contact: Murray Garrard Communications Officer HAP International +41 22 797 38 59