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Dominica: Tropical Storm Ophelia DREF Final Report (MDRDM001)

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Summary: 27,516 Swiss francs were allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on 11 October 2011 to support the Dominica Red Cross Society (DRCS) in delivering assistance to up to 79 families (approximately 395 persons).

Although Tropical Storm Ophelia did not pass across Dominica, the system lingered in the north-east of the island, producing heavy rains. Feeder bands from Tropical Storm Ophelia –which are clouds streaking out from the extreme edges of a storm– brought more than 80 millimetres of rain in six hours. On 30 September, an emergency meeting between organizations and authorities responding to the situation was convened to develop a coordinated plan of action. During the meeting the Dominica Red Cross Society agreed to support affected households with non-food relief items. With the support of the DREF, the National Society was able to reach 65 families (98 women, 89 men of whom 29 were children under five and 10 adults over 65 years old) with mattresses, bed sheets, blankets, kitchen sets, hygiene kits and jerry cans.

From the DREF allocation of CHF 27,516, an amount of CHF 19,627 was spent. All activities were successfully carried out, and this report is final in terms of narrative and financials. The operation is now closed, with a final balance of CHF 7,889 unspent and returned to DREF.