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Bahamas: Hurricane Irene: DREF operation n° MDRBS001 - Final report

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Summary: CHF 71,014 was allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on 31 August 2011 to support the Bahamas Red Cross Society in delivering assistance to some 1,000 beneficiaries affected by Hurricane Irene.

Floods, as a result of Hurricane Irene affected as many as five islands in the Bahamas in late August, destroying crops and infrastructure and affecting up to 10,000 persons. The Bahamas Red Cross Society responded accordingly in all affected areas in cooperation with local authorities. The National Society supported evacuation efforts and provided affected families with drinking water, and food as well as first aid services.

With support from IFRC’s DREF, the Bahamas Red Cross Society assisted 1,000 people with relief items and provision of safe water, and also conducted hygiene promotion and health messaging activities in four provinces.

The DREF operation has made a positive impact on the Bahamas Red Cross Society so that it has become institutionally stronger and able to respond better in future disasters.

From the DREF allocation of CHF 71,014, an amount of CHF 54,430.91 was spent. All activities were successfully carried out, and this report is final in terms of narrative and financials. The operation is now closed, with a final balance of CHF 16,583.09 unspent and returned to DREF.