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Kazakhstan Floods: DREF operation n° MDRKZ005 Update no. 1

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Period covered by this update: 27th February to 25th March 2012


Abundant snowmelt and heavy rains in the end of February and in March caused floods in South-Kazakhstan region affecting 9 districts and Shymkent city.
According to the preliminary data of the government’s commission that assessed the scale of damage from the disaster about USD 8,000,000 will be required to rebuild the houses and the infrastructure damaged by the floods.
Following the disaster, the Kazakhstan Red Crescent Society conducted a detailed needs assessment and prepared the list of beneficiaries according to the vulnerability criteria agreed with the local authorities. The relief items were purchased in Shymkent through the standard tendering procedures of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). In total, 2,500 blankets, 2,500 bed-linen sets, 1,500 mattresses, 750 family hygiene parcels, 1,500 pairs of rubber footwear were procured.