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Republic of Belarus OCHA - Appeal for International Assistance

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Ref: 99/0055
General Situation

1. An unusual period of warm weather during the first week of March 1999 has provoked excessive spring snow melting, resulting in flooding in several regions of the Republic of Belarus. During the period from 1 March till 5 April 1999, 38 districts (32% of all districts of Belarus), 279 locations, 7162 dwelling houses and 10840 other buildings were affected by floods. Total flooded area amounted to 255,653 hectares including 184,993 hectares of arable lands. Floods damaged 82.25 km of roads, 2.65 km of dams, 2.9 km of electric power supply lines and 15 bridges, of which 8 were swept away. More than 2000 people had to be resettled. The total damage already done by floods has reached 1025 billion Belarusian Roubles (U.N. Operational Rate of Exchange was 1 USD = 234000 Belarusian Roubles on 01 April 1999).

2. According to the report of the Ministry of Emergency Situations received through the UN Office in Belarus, on 5 April 1999 the flood situation in a number of districts of Brest, Gomel and Minsk regions was still unfavorable.

3. The ice had broken up on the Zapadnaya Dvina river. The inundation on the Pripyat river near the city of Mozyr reached its maximum level of 6.67 m above the zero point, but down the river it continued to rise slowly. On the Dnieper, Berezina, Sozh and Niemen and their tributaries the inundation level was rising at the rate of 0.01 to 0.39 m a day, whereas on the whole length of the Zapadnaya Dvina river it was rising between 0.43 and 1.58 m a day.

4. The waters of the Pripyat, Berezina, Sozh, Dnieper (Mogilev - Loev section), Niemen (Stolbtsy - Belna section), Zapadnaya Dvina in the vicinity of the city of Verkhnedvinsk and majority of their tributaries were already in flooded lands. Forecasts say that the flood situation in Vitebsk and Mogilev regions is expected to aggravate: there was a probability of further flooding of 56 locations in 14 districts: Vitebsk, Verkhnedvinsk, Polotsk, Braslav, Orsha, Mogilev, Bobruisk, Belynichi, Dribin, Shklov, Krasnopolie, Osipovichi, Chausy and Cherikov.

5. According to the UN Office in Minsk, Belarus is extremely concerned also with Chernobyl in the neighboring Ukraine which has not completed constructions on the dike Pripyat, an thus leaking radioactive wastes to the river waters. Experts say that 80 percent of the radioactive substances from the Chernobyl zone are spread by this river.

National response

6. National and local authorities has undertaken considerable efforts in eliminating consequences of the floods by involving l7950 persons, 3 icebreakers, 58 cutters, 38 motor boats and 1680 units of other equipment in those activities.

Need for International Assistance

7. According to the governmental estimates, 5000 billion Belarusian Roubles (around USD 21.4 mln) is required for repair and restoration works.

8. Referring to serious economic difficulties of the transition period and to the fact that considerable part of the state budget had to be allocated to overcoming the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster, the Government of the Republic of Belarus has requested to render its country every possible assistance in liquidating the consequences of the devastating flooding.

9. Nomenclature and amount of the required humanitarian assistance:

1. Medicines
1.1 Antibiotics in tablets 2,500 packs
1.2 Sulfanilamide 25,000 packs
1.3 Cardiovascular 500 packs
1.4 Anti-fever 1,500 packs
1.5 Intestinal pharmaceutical products 500 packs
1.6 Ferments 1,500 packs
1.7 Syringes 7,000 pieces
1.8 Surgical gloves 700 pairs
2. Foodstuffs
2.1 Vegetable oil 10 tons
2.2 Macaroni 10 tons
2.3 Butter 5 tons
2.4 Flour 25 tons
2.5 Sugar 20 tons
2.6 Cereals 20 tons
2.7 Tinned fish 20 tons
2.8 Tinned meat 20 tons
3. Clothes
3.1 Rubber boots 2,000 pairs
3.2 Jack boots 2,000 pairs
3.3 Warm coats 2,000 pieces
3.4 Children’s clothes and footwear 2,000 sets
3.5 Knitted wear and underclothes 2,000 sets
4. Construction materials
4.1 Wallpaper 15000 rolls
4.2 Oil paint 10 tons
4.3 Red bricks 1,000,000 pieces
4.4 Floor boards 25000 m3
4.5 Beam bars 5000 m3
4.6 Nails 50 tons
4.7 Roofing slates 5000 pieces
4.8 Cement 150 tons
5. Durable goods
5.1 Mobile electric power generators (10-100 kW) 10 units
5.2 Water pumps 20 units
5.3 Electric saws 10 units
5.4 Motor boats 10 units
5.5 Mobile radio stations 25 units
5.6 Collapsible / dismountable houses 50 units
5.7 Sleeping bags 500 units
5.8 Tents 500 units
10. Focal point for coordination of international assistance is:

Mr. Gennady F. Novikov
Deputy Chief of Militarized Fire-fighting Service
Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus

Tel.: +375/17/2237717 (direct)
Duty officer: +375/17/2238800
Tel/fax.: +375/17/27781 or 2239991

11. Contributions from the Governments and donor organizations wishing to render assistance can be deposited at the following bank accounts:

Contributions in USD

Beneficiary: Branch 523, Code 295
Beneficiary’s account: 6111000000989
Beneficiary’s bank: BELARUSBANK, SWIFT:AKBB BY 2X
BRANCH 523, CODE 295, Minsk
Correspondent account: 04-095-692
Details of payment: F/O Humanitarian ACC. 3622000000421

Contributions in DEM

Beneficiary: Branch 523, Code 525
Beneficiary’s account: 611000000989
Beneficiary’s bank: BELARUSBANK, SWIFT, AKBB BY 2X
BRANCH 523, CODE 295 Minsk
Correspondent account: 949-81-14
Details of payment: F/O Humanitarian ACC. 3622000000421
Bank address: 15, Marx Street, Minsk, 220050, Republic of Belarus
Telephones: +375/17/2292076, 375/17/2292903
Fax. +375/17/2292076

12. For coordination purposes, donors are requested to inform OCHA Geneva, as indicated below, of pledges and/or contributions and their corresponding values by item.

Telephone number: +41-22-91712 34
Desk Officer: Mr. Dmitri Balabanov, direct tel: +41-22-9172827
Contact person for the media: Ms. Elena Ponomareva, direct tel:+41-22-9172336
Telex 4142 42 OCHA CH
Fax: + 41-22-9170023

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