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Humanitarian assistance from Cyprus to Lebanon

Govt. Cyprus
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As soon as the crisis in Lebanon erupted, the Cyprus Government and the people of Cyprus mobilized immediately to respond to the need for sending humanitarian assistance to the people of Lebanon.
In this framework, the Republic of Cyprus has approved emergency Humanitarian Assistance of $100,000 for the people of Lebanon, while the Cyprus branch of the "Doctors of the World" have escorted to Lebanon medical supplies donated by Cyprus and the Pharmaceutical companies worth $60,000.

In addition, several Cypriot NGO's have responded immediately to the needs of the Lebanese people and are gathering humanitarian aid comprising of food, medical supplies, clothing, bedding, etc. NGO's are coordinating with the competent Cypriot authorities for the immediate shipment of this aid to Lebanon. Cyprus' mobilization to send humanitarian aid to Lebanon is continuing at all levels.

The Cyprus Government remains committed to cooperating and coordinating with the international community for the quick and efficient shipment to Lebanon of all humanitarian aid that may be sent to the crisis area through the island. For this purpose, the Cyprus Government has placed at the disposal of the international community the mechanisms and infrastructure it has in place.