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Lebanon: Government Spokesman - Cyprus has exceeded its limits and needs practical and immediate assistance

Govt. Cyprus
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Cyprus needs practical and immediate contribution and assistance from all European countries in a common effort to handle effectively the great humanitarian problems created with the mass exodus of foreign nationals arriving from the war afflicted Lebanon, the Deputy Minister to the President Government Spokesman Christodoulos Pasiardis stated yesterday, during his press briefing.
Cyprus has not only reached its limits, it has surpassed them with the danger of not being able to bear the influx of foreign nationals from third countries, the Spokesman pointed out, noting that Cyprus cannot bear alone and handle the huge burden of the indefinite stay of thousands of foreign nationals on its territory.

"The problem is not solely humanitarian; it has other dimensions which also concern other countries", he said.

He stressed that what Cyprus asks first and foremost is for planes to Cyprus to promptly transfer foreign nationals to their homelands and the opening of the borders of other European countries in the event that refugees from third countries begin to pour in. "The problem does not solely concern Cyprus just because it neighbors the battlefront", he added.

Mr Pasiardis assured that Cyprus will continue "until its limits are exhausted' to accept refugees and to offer every possible humanitarian assistance, anticipating however assistance itself, promptly and practically and not late and verbally.