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Field Bulletin: Longer-Term Disaster Displaced: A Forgotten Group - Issue No. 11; July 2011

UN RC/HC Nepal
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Almost all districts across the Far West face losses of lives and property every year due to natural disasters. However, the impact can last well beyond the immediate event. Humanitarian actors have observed that the duration of displacement varies depending on the intensity and type of disaster: displacement following inundation of rivers is generally short term, while displacement resulting from floods and erosion is generally longer term.

Kailali and Kanchanpur were severely affected by floods in 2008 and 2009 that caused life and property losses as well as displacement in both districts. Determining the exact number of displaced in Kailali and the duration of their displacement is difficult however, as the District Administration Office (DAO) has no concrete figures. The Kailali Red Cross Society (NRCS) estimates that some 950 families are displaced among four different settlements. The Kanchanpur DAO reports there are 308 displaced families currently sheltering in four locations.

In Dadeldhura district, NRCS has informed that 26 families were displaced within Sirsha VDC by landslides in 2005 and 59 families were displaced within Jogbuda VDC by floods in 2008. While there are certainly others still displaced from past disasters in other districts, their numbers are thought to be substantially less.