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DSWD cash-for-work aid targets small farmers

Govt. Philippines
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by Larry Lopez

TABUK, Kalinga, July 18 (PIA) - - Small farmers in the province benefit from the cash-for-work aid from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) as payment for labor rendered on typhoon rehabilitation projects.

The aid covers all eight municipalities of Kalinga and prioritizes farmers who do not have their own lands or those who fall under the agricultural workers sector.

Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officer (PSWDO) Digna Dalutag said beneficiaries are given 11 days work with a rate of P254/day. Total aid allocation for Kalinga under the project amounted to P20 million.

As part of the project, farmer-beneficiaries are also given farming technology training by the Department of Agriculture (DA) to uplift their skills in agriculture.

The aid, originally to be rice subsidy of the National Food Authority (NFA) for indigent farmers affected from the recent typhoons, was converted as cash-for-work when NFA funds for the project were transferred to the DSWD.

According to Dalutag, beneficiaries should first render work before the payment is released by DSWD to the implementing local government unit. This way, problems on fund liquidation are avoided Dalutag explained.

The first town to claim payment from the project is Lubuagan after completing the rehabilitation of two water works systems and a day care center in Barangay Mabilong amounting to P226,314.

Requirements for claim, Dalutag said, are: brief report of the project, list of workers, and pictures of the progress of work.

Implementation of work in the other seven municipalities is ongoing based on their respective programs of work submitted, Dalutag said. *(JDP/LL-PIA CAR,Kalinga)