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Relief Operation Report: 9 Oct - 31 Dec 2005

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On October 08, 2005 an earthquake of 7.6 hector scale hit Pakistan. The earthquake resulted in widespread devastation, and caused 70,000 death, more than 70,000 seriously injured, and more than 3.5 million population hit directly, almost 7 million people hit indirectly, 3.3 million people become homeless, 1.3 billion people lost their jobs instantly, 2.4 millions lost their livelihoods, more than 600,000 children lost their schools and 15,000 villages, hamlets and townships devastated with the earthquake.

The looses are more than this and these have left life-long effects in the minds of the people. The devastation and humane loss have taken the people into miserable situation. They were without food, medication, shelter and other basic and urgent necessities of life and on the other hand these areas face very cold winter with snowfalls and land sliding. Many humanitarian organizations, UN, Government, Military and public philanthropy made it possible to help survivors and for their basic needs after an emergency.

KNH Germany initiated its relief and rehabilitation work through its local partners to work for earthquake relief and rehabilitation work. The KNH Network was established at The Doer Trust and the responsibilities of its coordination and networking was assigned to the The Doer Trust.

The KNH Network works on the following objectives to assist the partner organizations in relief and rehabilitation work.

- Updating partners on government, UN and international community strategies for relief work in the quake hit areas

- Participation in UN-OCAH Clusters on behalf of KNH and partners

- Reporting to the concerned organizations about the KNH Network activities and strategies for its relief and rehabilitation work in the quake hit areas.

- Participation in the capacity building programs, forums, and conferences by other agencies for relief and rehabilitation on behalf of KNH Network

- Arranging visits and tours of quake hit areas for needs assessments for its members

- Custom and government clearance of relief goods of partners and further facilitating them to get their relief goods reach at their offices and distribution locations. .

- Identifying distribution points for partners and identifying small community organizations for partnerships.


Kindernothilfe (KNH) was founded in1959 by a group of dedicated Christians in Duisburg, Germany, in order to help needy children in India. Over time, it has become one of the largest Christian organizations in Europe for children's aid.

The KNH Germany is supporting its partners financially to carry out relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction activities in the quake hit areas. The KNH is determined to help the quake hit populations in rehabilitation and reconstruction phases also through its partners.


The DOER Trust is a development resource center and works on capacity building of the local institutions to help carry out their developmental and relief activities. The DOER Trust has been working since April 1987 and legal entity under companies' ordinance 1984.

The DOER Trust has carried out following relief activities in the quake hit areas.

- Coordinating KNH Network activities

- Published a Trauma Booklet for children in quake hit areas on behalf of FJWU and KNH Germany.

- Supported the partners in logistics matters and shipments.

- Supported in partners in distribution of relief goods

- Coordinated the partners with different relief agencies and line departments

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