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Torrential rains flood South Korea

République de Corée
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From Federation News #16/01
Flash floods caused by two days of very heavy rains in the South Korean provinces of Seoul and Gyeonggi left 54 people dead or missing last weekend. As much as 99.5 mm of rain fell in just one hour in the capital, Seoul, the third highest hourly rate recorded in the country since rainfall data collection began in 1907. The floods also left more than 34,500 houses submerged and caused transport problems with roads being cut off and bridges having to be closed. Working in close cooperation with the authorities and other organisations, more than 850 volunteers and staff from the Republic of Korea National Red Cross took part in relief activities, running 12 mobile kitchens sent to the worst affected areas and distributing emergency food supplies to nearly 13,000 people. With further heavy rainfall forecast in the next few days, South Korea's southern provinces could yet see more flooding.