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Typhoons Revised Emergency appeal n° MDRPH005

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This emergency appeal revision adjusts the budget from CHF 16,286,096 to CHF 12,724,050 and extends the operation’s timeframe by five months until 30 November 2011.

The extension is to allow for effective completion of shelter and livelihoods interventions, whose implementation rate has been slow due to limitations relating to the legal processes of obtaining land for shelter construction and a ban on harvesting of wood materials. The budget has been adjusted to reflect realistic targets for shelter and livelihoods [in view of the extended timeframe and existing limitations] while at the same time taking into account activities that were covered by Philippine Red Cross (PRC) using their own resources. The targets for shelter and livelihoods have been reduced from 16,500 to 10,100 families (approximately 50,500 persons) and 6,500 to 5,000 (25,000 persons) respectively. At the end of the operation, some 317,100 persons will have benefitted from different [or a combination of] activities under this emergency appeal. A final report will be made available by 29 February 2012 (three months after the end of the operation).

Appeal coverage against revised budget: With contributions received to date, the appeal is 87 per cent covered in cash and kind. In line with this funding, PRC can deliver shelter assistance to approximately 9,200 of the 10,100 families targeted. Donors are encouraged to make further cash contributions to support PRC in delivering recovery support to vulnerable families that are yet to be resettled.